We are looking for new international business partners to take over the distribution for DERMIA SOLUTION in different countries. This cooperation covers several important subjects. All of them together are a warranty for a convenient cooperation with interesting income options.
Partnership program:

• International high level commercial offer
• Flexible strategies adapted to each country’s needs
• Deep and safe skin stimulation with innovative and patented devices
• Luxury and biotechnological cosmetics.
• High concentration of active agents.
• Interesting and innovative product packaging• Refill system.
Marketing offer:

• Packages for beauty salons and consumers
• Samples stands
• Samples mini cosmetics
• Posters and stands
• Elegant paper bags
• High quality graphic materials
• Social media (Facebook, Instagram)

Know How:

• Product trainings for distributors
• Marketing trainings for distributors
• Trainings for instructors
• Manual books for cosmetologists
• Seminar for distributors (new cosmetics, ideas, marketing)
• Meetings with distributors and their clients in every country
• Substantive support at seminars with cosmetologists.
Dermia Solution Partnership