It is a mechanical abrasion with automatic adjustment to the skin. Dead cells are removed by a special control technology. After appliance of the chemical Soft Peeling, and with help of specially formed abrasion crowns, the skin get smoothed in a gentle way. The rotating disk creates an abrasive effect on the skin surface. Additionally the crowns further the stimulation of the micro-circulation through gentle massage movements.

Innovations in POLY ABRASION treatments:

- Sterile, disposable working tip.

- The material of the abrasive head is made of a special polymer alloy, which gently polishes the skin, does not    cause allergic reactions and does not get hot during work.

- The treatment head has a special shock absorber that protects against too intense stimulation, which can    cause skin irritation.

- Very high intensity of rotational movement of the head allows removal of horny skin by polishing it, not by    tearing and scratching. This allows you to work with clients with very sensitive and allergic skin.

It is a treatment technology, which is used to open the top layer of the epidermis gently and without pain. The system facilitates a defined stimulation of the epidermis and an immediate and highly effective transportation of the active agents. It realized the reactivation of all skin functions and stimulated the skin’s own repair systems.

- Innovative features of the Micro Activation M treatments:

- Significant reduction of epidermal barrier during surgery (safe for clients).

- Immediate convalescence of the skin after the procedure.

- We achieve the effects of treatment without affecting the continuity of the tissue (no exudate of blood and lymph).

- Sterility of the treatment thanks to the use of disposable tips

- The material from which the heads are made (medical polymer) guarantees less painful procedure, and minimizes    allergic reactions.

- There is no need for skin anesthesia.

- We work with the head in both the lines of wrinkles and the entire surface of the skin: neckline, neck, face

- We stimulate using  micro needles around the ocular muscle of the eye including the eyelid and around the circular    muscle of the mouth.

- Specially selected frequency with which the needles work stimulates the deepest parts of the skin, improving micro    circulation.

As an alternative to wrinkle injection or mesotherapy, Micro Activation S facilitates a special local treatment of small wrinkles and scars by stimulating the top layer of the epidermis. With Micro Activation S smallest skin areas are targeted locally and treated intensively. Micro Activation S also releases impulses for intensified skin regeneration. Through the treatment, the highly concentrated active agents of Lift Complex Plus Serum (Argireline) are placed directly in the wrinkles.

Innovative features of the Micro Activation S treatments: 

- Needles made of medical polymer, not causing allergies, stimulation of the surface with very thin skin, e.g. the forehead or the area around the eye, will not cause much discomfort.

- The frequency of needle strokes is so large that we confuse the receptors, the pain is automatically minimized, so we do not have to numb the skin.

- Thanks to the innovative shape of the needles, we make a very large channel by intensively pushing and not puncturing the skin, this type of skin perforation allows us to avoid blood exudation, which prevents effective supplementation.

- The small surface of the tip with needles allows extremely precise stimulation, exactly in the bottom of wrinkles, ensuring very high effectiveness of the treatment.

- Innovative and exclusive dermaceutics for supplementation during the procedure.
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