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Today's fast-paced lifestyle and environmental influences take their toll on our fresh looks, posing new challenges for modern skin care. Customers are more than ever looking for treatments that show fast results and reliably protect their skin every day. To this end, Dermia Solution has developed a holistic system of skin care products, non-invasive technology, and professional treatments that are both attractive and easy to adopt for beauty institutes. It guarantees the visible improvement of any skin condition in no time, making clients come back for more.
The SKINFAKTOR Concept - Design Healthy Skin
Key to the success of Dermia Solution is the SKINFAKTOR concept. It features high-end formulas, especially designed for various skin conditions, which are grouped into 6 major types, the so-called skin faktors. They include indications such as dry, spotty, rough, or blemished skin, and signs of aging.

By means of a professional skin type analysis, the beautician identifies the correct skin faktor. Well-matched ingredients and treatment steps then provide the nourishment needed in each specific case. At the same time, non-invasive technology accelerates the effect. It prepares the skin for treatment and softly stimulates its own regenerative functions. This leads to an instant improvement with a lasting effect.
Professional Treatment Teams up with an Attractive Product Range
In addition to the professional treatment for a regular beauty boost, customers can adopt the products for home-use as a daily skin care system to make them look their most gorgeous every day. Thus, our marketing concept makes product sales easy while fostering customer loyalty.

Over 600 beauty institutes worldwide are already successfully employing the concept of Dermia Solution, designing healthy skin for their customers.

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